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Special Thanks to Indie Artists, Advertisers, Sponsors & Readers/Fans

NDJamz Radio© a product of Global Nation Entertainment Group, Inc.© is an International marketing and promotional company that specialized in the independent arts, founded and formed in 2011.  We are an active and highly ranked online radio station and Indie music review site.  Promo music is submitted in a radio friendly format and focused on independent music from artists, DJs, labels and producers world-wide.  Our music podcasts are listened to in over 35 countries with more than 1.2 million daily listeners and review readers.  The launch of our online DigiMag in June 2017 has produced many more listeners, viewers, artists, advertisers and sponsors with more visibility and accessibility using the latest in technology reaching even more desktop and mobile users worldwide.

Our primary focus is providing maximum exposure for indie artist by expanding their brands, increasing their fan base and exposing their music and visibility globally. Our partners and affiliates have over 75 years of combined experience in business marketing, visual design, technology, music productions, consulting and networking. With our combined talents and experiences, we are able to provide alternative resources for artists and assist them in achieving their professional and personal goals. We cannot make guarantees of any kind to our clients regarding how well their music will do in the open global market. Their success depends upon the listeners, the type of music that the listeners want to hear, their performances, and the exposure that we along with their personal management/advisers can successfully market for them.

Because we aren’t afraid to move into new directions and think outside of the box, we have opted to concentrate our efforts on marketing their music, videos, performances and fan reviews here in our online Blog in order efforts to provide these artists with more of what they need to be successful, and by maintaining professional and respectful relationships with the artists, sponsors and representatives.  Music submissions for written review(s) and consideration of online promo airplay are free of charge, therefore, is further understood by submitters that any music submitted and/or aired for promotional purposes are not entitled to royalties and are subject to company approval standards.  For more information about how to submit music CLICK HERE.


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