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As with many companies and radio stations, we receive a large number of submitted tracks and videos daily for promo airplay and review.  The real question for the song writers is “who are you writing for?


Many will buy, download, and perhaps see your performances based upon your music, i.e., (the beat, the sound of the instruments, etc.), but how many people who opt to continuously listen to your music know what the message is really about?  There are countless artists who are musically talented and those who deliver ok music with a serious message in their music.  There are also artists whose message could be understood much better if the music didn’t overshadow the message.


Before you put pen to paper and begin to form your sound tracks, think about your audience.  Who is your target audience and what do you want them to get from your work?  To be a great performer, there should be a balance between the lyrics and the music.  There are many artists and bands such as rock bands, metal bands, funk, pop and rap artists, to name a few, whose music is so captivating that it draws you to it, but you have no idea what they are saying or the message that they’re trying to convey.


Find a focus.  If you are just displaying your musical talents and don’t much care about a message, then it’s probably best not to tell a story with your music.  It breeds confusion for those who listen for the lyrics (the message or the story).  If  your goal is to produce music that draws a crowd, that’s pretty much all you’ll get-a crowd.  If you are a story teller that has no balance between lyrics and music, create a writing focus.  Make your lyrics clear.  Learn and understand the difference between music placement and accompaniment.  Drop your music volume during the message.  Increase your music volume during the bridge or chorus, and adjust the mics for the vocalists so they may be heard clearly.


If you’re not sure the best route to take with the message and music, gain some insight prior to production.  Get some feedback before spending the money to create what you feel may be a masterpiece and what others may hear as a mess.


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