Who are you really!?

Over the years we’ve seen a page-turning demonstration of artists and bands create videos to post for their fans and to sell their music.  The real questions is: “based on what your videos show, what is the message that you’re trying to get across?”

Who are you really!?

Every artist has their own style and the “IT” that makes them who and what they want to be portrayed as.  Aside from selecting your video venue, scheduling your performance time, paying for permits and use licenses, what more do you have to prove?  We realize that sex sells and the over-abundance of half-dressed groupies twerking in front of the cameras prove it.  Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars for bling, chicks who can barely fit into their painted on booty shorts, after market jewelry and cheap looking blinged out grills?  If you had to think about that question, then the answer is NO.  If you didn’t think about it, maybe you need to.

Whether you are naturally gifted or have studied and worked crazy hard at perfecting your craft, you can’t afford to lose your dignity trading it for dollar signs.  Getting turned up in your music videos and on stage opening for a headliner doesn’t give a chance for the audience to see the real you.  If you are naturally a thug, then don’t play it up trying to be like DMX when your lyrics, sound and look don’t work together.  If you’re trying to be a “diva”, and most people have no idea as to what a diva really is, then don’t play it up trying to look like Mariah or Beyonce when you don’t have the sound or performance package to go with it.  Even though you may have the style thing down, the ability to make yourself throw up on command to stay thin to appear fit, and many hours spent trying to learn dance moves that don’t work for you, at the end of the sweat, can you really perform?

Really think about how you are attracting your fans and followers.  Yeah, you probably spent a stupid amount of money on music videos to include the entourage, cars, jewelry, liquor, and cameras in someone else’s house or property.  Can you really sing?  Can you really play an instrument?  Do you even write your own lyrics and understand the messages that you’re spitting to your listeners?

The message here is to always stay true to yourself, optimistic and reach for the attainable while dreaming bigger.  Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t appear to be other than what and who you are.  Keep your dollars in your own pocket, trim your video budget by using only what you need to state your point, and know that misrepresenting yourself in your videos will come to the light once you hit the stage.  If people like you they like you.  If they love you they love you.  If they are diggin’ your music, going to your shows, and following you, then you have already made it.

Making it big is a small thing with little moral value.  Keeping it real while building your audience is what will drive you to your new address.  So stay true to yourself, stay true to your fans, keep your dignity and let your fans know that you appreciate them for loving you for you.  Without them, you would still be dreaming large while looking small.


Submitted by: Patrice T.

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